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The vast region of Arganil is rich and varied in the landscapes it offers its visitors, but the Mountains of Açor is perhaps the main feature, holding many treasures.


The historic village of Piódão is one of its main assets. Hidden away on the slopes of the mountain it surprises it’s visitors with the unity of it’s urban resemble.


But, apart from theses villages well kept in time Arganil also has many great areas that are diverse, just like Fraga da Pena and Mata da Margaraça, the true jewels of this mountain’s mandle of vegetation, constitute the Protected Landscape Area of the Mountain of Açor. The hospitality of the people, as well as the gastronomy and a vast patrimony deserve a visit wit the certainty of a desired return.


Arganil has the following parishes:

* Anceriz
* Arganil
* Barril de Alva
* Benfeita
* Celavisa
* Cepos
* Cerdeira
* Coja
* Folques
* Moura da Serra
* Piódão
* Pomares
* Pombeiro da Beira
* São Martinho da Cortiça
* Sarzedo
* Secarias
* Teixeira
* Vila Cova de Alva