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With over eight centuries of existence, the village of Góis is located ± 40 kms away from Coimbra, in a valley (the valley of Ceira) that is narrow and deep between the hills of Carvalhal and Rabadão. The Gois bridge, ordered by king D. Manuel I about five hundred years ago, this bridge connects both margins of the Ceira river and unites the two halves of the village.


Whilst remembering those times, upon the hill is a beautiful castle giving us a panoramic view of the village. Back towards the XVI century the Matrix Church of Góis was built and exhibits a beautiful alter with gilded woodcarving and the tomb of D. Luíz da Silveira, once the master of these lands.

Around Góis we can go for a walk in a dream valley, crossing century old buildings, landscapes where the levels rule the dazzling forests through the hills of Rabadão and Carvalhal, through nooks where the river rises and the majestic cliffs where the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Candosa stands.

gois4.jpg capela.jpg

Góis is composed of 5 parishes which are the following:

* Alvares
* Cadafaz
* Colmeal
* Góis
* Vila Nova do Ceira