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From the bushy majesty of the slopes of the mountain Serra do Buçaco to the panoramas of the fertile land of Mortágua, sprinkled with little hills and gracious white houses, as your eyes advance along the margins of Mortágua creek, you can see vegetable gardens, orchards and corn fields surrounding the small villages, genuine cribs of ancient and traditional hand crafts – Pala, Monte de Lobos, Palheiros de Baixo.

xisto_casa.jpg serra.JPG

Facing the majestic mountain Caramulo you will be impressed with the abundance of green terraces that climb up the hill embarrassing the purity of century old schist villages – Linhar da Pala, Mortazel and Tojeira. Wonders of the past and present are combined giving full of use and decorative value, the well known baskets of the village of Maceira or the attractive red clay pottery of Gândara.

cestas.jpg mortagua1.jpg

An enchantment. A quietness. In moments such as these you will feel like discovering the islands and the beautiful nooks of the weir and find out just how plentiful and lively the fishing for barbel, carp and trout.


Mortágua is composed of 10 parishes which are the following:

* Almaça
* Cercosa
* Cortegaça
* Espinho
* Marmeleira
* Mortágua
* Pala
* Sobral
* Trezói
* Vale de Remígio