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Carregal do Sal

Allow yourself to be charmed by the council of Carregal do Sal... Take a walk and see the variety of charming landscapes, the ancestral farming, the small villages dominated by granite of the baroque monumentality of the manor houses, churches and chapels.

carregal5.jpg carregal4.jpg

Discover the aristocratic environment of the villages Oliveira do Conde and Cabanas de Viriato, the properties of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a figure connected with the II World War. You will be surprised by the farms and the most ancient cellars where you can find the finest Dão wines. You can also visit craftsmen who will show you the art of wood carving. Good restaurants will delight you with the traditional gastronomy and will offer you the delicious mountain cheese, that is still made in traditional dairies.

Carregal2.JPG Carregal1.jpg

Carregal do Sal is composed of 7 parishes, which are the following:

* Beijós
* Cabanas de Viriato
* Currelos (Carregal do Sal)
* Oliveira do Conde (Carregal do Sal)
* Papízios
* Parada
* Sobral