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ln the natural settings of Serra da Estrela, Gouveia is a tranquil area, of ancient houses, sculptured gardens and much more art that meets the eye or that hangs up on the walls in the local museums.

gouveia1.jpg gouveia4.jpg

It is the typical things of Serra da Estrela that please more the sight and the taste: the mountain cheese, the woollen blankets, the lamb or simply the heritage of many shepherds who were the parents and the grandchildren of Viriato, who have fought legions, who have ploughed the slopes with rye and who have planted grapevines with wine that tastes of Dão.

gouveia5.jpg gouveia6.jpg

This is the past that Gouveia has been keeping since the V century B.C. at the cromlech of Pedra da Orca, at Rio Torto, near the EN 17, inside the cellars of Vila Nova de Tazém, in the dairies of Figueiró and Folgosinho or at the old wool mills of Moimenta da Serra.


Gouveia is composed of 22 parishes, that are the following:-

* Aldeias
* Arcozelo
* Cativelos
* Figueiró da Serra
* Folgosinho
* Freixo da Serra
* Lagarinhos
* Mangualde da Serra
* Melo
* Moimenta da Serra
* Nabais
* Nespereira
* Paços da Serra
* Ribamondego
* Rio Torto
* São Julião
* São Paio
* São Pedro
* Vila Cortês da Serra
* Vila Franca da Serra
* Vila Nova de Tazem
* Vinhó