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The district of Seia is located in a beautiful location with fantastic panoramic scenery that places it amongst the most beautiful mountain range. The green of the deep valleys, the sun that makes the granite glow, the blue sky, the purity of the water and of the air makes it a privileged region for the search of tranquillity.

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At the same time, gives you the chance to practise a variety of sports such as sailing, mountaineering, skiing, fishing, hunting or just going for walks. Here in the mountain men and women still greet the visitors/tourists with tenderness, simplicity and human warmth just like in the time of their grand-parents. The mountain Serra da Estrela has a lot more to offer, not just snow in the winter!

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Seia is composed of 29 parishes, that are the following:-

* Alvoco da Serra
* Cabeça
* Carragozela
* Folhadosa
* Girabolhos
* Lajes
* Lapa dos Dinheiros
* Loriga
* Paranhos da Beira
* Pinhanços
* Sabugueiro
* Sameice
* Sandomil
* Santa Comba
* Santa Eulália
* Santa Marinha
* Santiago
* São Martinho
* São Romão
* Sazes da Beira
* Seia
* Teixeira
* Torrozelo
* Tourais
* Travancinha
* Valezim
* Várzea de Meruge
* Vide
* Vila Cova à Coelheira