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Tábua is a small town full of charm and nature. This town is overflowing with purity that man has kept for a long time.


The Alva river spreads its crystal-clear waters through dream-like beaches, between cliffs where trout splashes and winding down slopes which have been carved into beautiful terraces full of pine trees, embracing the century-old schist villages of Vale Miôto and Porto Pedrinho, near Meda de Mouros.

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All of this in a wonderful setting where you are able to rest and meditate. Tábua and Midões greet you with beautiful palaces, farms, pillories hundreds years old and churches that are filled with precious items. It is truly exquisite the flavour of the mountain cheese, the Tábua Bucho (regional gut dish), the “Fonseca” Codfish, the Dão Wine, the sweet sausage, the Tijelada or the home-made pumpkin jam.

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Tábua is composed of 15 parishes, that are the following:-

* Ázere
* Candosa
* Carapinha
* Covas
* Covelo
* Espariz
* Meda de Mouros
* Midões
* Mouronho
* Pinheiro de Coja
* Póvoa de Midões
* São João da Boa Vista
* Sinde
* Tábua
* Vila Nova de Oliveirinha