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Energy Certificates

From January 2009 an energy certificate will have to be issued for all new or existing buildings will be compulsory. This certificate is needed in order to complete your final deed or if you want to rent a dwelling (Act n.º 78/2006). It is of the responsibility of the owner of the property to obtain the certificate. The certification will have to be done by qualified experts. When purchasing an existing building the certificate valid for 10 years and is only informative, not obliging the owner to implement any of the measures of improvement proposed by the certificate.

What is the energy certificate?

The energy certificate quantifies the energy performance of a dwelling or autonomous fraction, attributing an etiquette of energetic performance to the dwelling. The certificate enumerates and describes the measures of improvement of the energy performance it will also allow the realization to improve the energy classification of the dwelling or autonomous fraction. The energy etiquette classifies the dwelling or fractions in a scale of energy classes with an easy reading and interpretation that varies of A+ (bigger efficiency) to G (less efficiency).

The certificate values the constructive solutions and the equipments of heating, cooling and production of hot sanitary waters installed. On basis of the location, involving area, solar exposure and the characteristics of the construction the level of energy is appreciated in order to maintain the dwelling on a superior temperature 20ºC in the winter and inferior to 25ºC in the summer and to produce hot water. The energetic class is attributed comparing the necessities of energy of the dwelling with the regulation minimum demanded for the new constructions, to which it corresponds to classification B-.


1) The value of the corresponding tax to the register the certificate with ADENE, for buildings destined for habitation, is of € 45,00 + IVA.

2) The cost of issuing the Energy Certificate by qualified experts, has not got any fixed value, varying with the type of building and it’s and complexity.

Portugal Midlands has signed protocols with companies who can provide their clients with advisers for energetic efficiency and qualified experts who can issue the Energy Certificates for your property. This insures both buyer and seller that they are in safe hands with qualified professionals guaranteeing clients a good service.

For further information please go to the Portuguese website: