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Property with a group of 9 traditional houses to be renovated sitting on 10,000 m2 of land

Listed by Admin .

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Reference: 0293
Price: €220,000
Council: Tondela
District: Viseu
Post code: 3460
Building size in m²: 0
Land size in m²: 10,000
Status: Active

Full description: The whole property is approximately 10,000 m2 and is naturally designed in wide platfoms with a slight inclination, ending up by the River of Cortiçada. It has 9 houses all to be renovated into habitable houses.

The property is composed of a group of old traditional houses, all prior to 1951, in schist and granite up to the 1st floor levels. The 1st floors are built with wood boards and slats sustaining mud, some few exceptions where all the walls are made of stone up to the roof. The project foresees the rebuilding of all the existing houses plus the construction of some new ones at lower levels.

There are two ways to follow when concerning the ways to develop this small urbanization:
1. One, the simplest and more limited concerning the fact of using the existing constructions, basically restoring them, which makes licensing much easier.
2. The other would be taking advantage of all the existing potential with the building of a very exclusive condominium.

A small municipality’s roads divides the whole property in two where the houses presently existing in the upper part of the property. This little road, made of small granite stones has a nearly non existent traffic.

Building No. 1:- The biggest of the existing houses with nearly 500m2 construction on both floors. This house has the best views!

Building No. 2:- Interesting rebuilding project due to it's architectonic feature with views over the river and valley.

Building No. 3:- Old warehouse, a very interesting architectural idea with all the 1st floor (river and valley views) totally in glass.

Building No. 4:- House facing the small stone road dividing the property. The stone walls were stuccoed by the prior owners. It has a beautiful granite wine press tank.

Building No. 5: - Totally in granite and schist. Very interesting house.

Building No. 6:- Interesting house with the main facade on the stone road. Supported by granite slabs. The lower flour is a half-basement.

Building No. 7 & 8:- Small house made of granite and bricks.

Building No. 9:- The 2nd biggest house of the project and the most exposed to the road.

Infrastructures in place i.e. water public supply, electricity in most of the houses, sewage. Direct access on tar roads.

. Alongside the river nearly 100 aspen trees were planted some 4 years ago.

. The SW border of the property has countless “cupressus leylandy” planted at a 1 meter distance from each other making a beautiful green curtain.

. Wood beams “Carmo” with 2 big wood gates just closing the SW side of the property, alongside (outside) the Cupressus Leylandy.

. Detailed drawings of the property and the existing houses on CAD.

. Some 350 trees were planted in 2007 . The location where the swimming pool was planned was dug, measuring meters 18 x 6.

. Water well, fully licensed with plenty of water extraction with nearly 90 meters deep.

. The whole property is divided into platforms of 1,5 meters height. Slightly sloping towards SE.

. The village is still active in Agriculture.

. Very sunny location.

. Beautiful views of the Valley and the Caramulo mountain.

. Very quiet location with good access.

. Located in an absolutely beautiful surroundings

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Listed by: Admin .

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