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Figueira da Foz 

Figueira da Foz is a summer cosmopolitan resort at the mouth of the Mondego river with long sandy beaches and many water sports facilities.

According to the legend the place’s name is due to a fig tree, which stood at the quay of Salmanha, where the fishermen used to tie up their boats. Figueira comes from the word "fagaria", which means "opening, huge mouth". Foz comes from the Latin word "fouces" "mouth of a river", and Mondego comes from the pre-romanic expressions "mond" "mouth" and "aec" "river". Giving the meaning to the words Figueira da Foz as "the river’s mouth opening".

Local history was made on the 1st of August, 1808, when Wellington's army landed here, the start of the Iron Duke's first campaign against the French in the Peninsula War (1808-14).

Figueira da Foz has some special features that have to be seen such as; the mother-church, Casa do Paço (17th century) with walls that are lined with no less than 8,000 delft tiles taken from a shipwreck in the late 17th century. The Municipal Museum that has a wide archaeological collection, weapons, carpets, photographs and also a musical archive. The Santa Catarina Fortress (16th-century) at the northern end of the bay that was used by the Duke of Wellington during his brief stay.