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Rebuilding yourself or employing a builder

Rebuilding may be done by oneself or a local person without permission if you are restoring a property to its original state using materials of the same natural kind as the original ones. 

Once you start using cement / concrete, a plan must be submitted to the council to be approved, whereafter the building licence issued must be purchased and a certified builder contracted to do the work. 

For new-build homes, you must first have a basic plan drawn up by an architect or engineer. After your approval, he/she will submit it for approval by the council. When this is done the "Specialidades" (engineering) plan. ie. structural calculations, electricity and plumbing, has to be drawn up and approved as well. Once this is returned as approved, you should request quotes from a few certified builders (with an Alvara). 

Such a quotation will usually state the total build price, listing that materials of own choice can be used within a stated budget. (eg. tiles of up to 10 euros m2). If you accept the quote and contract the builder, any material chosen above the budgeted amount agreed, must be paid for extra. 

The builder is obliged to keep a book of Obras (work/building book) where he lists all work done and materials used. This is to assist in the case a claim against the 10 year guarantee should be made after the work is done. Once the house is complete, the official form of this book has to be presented to the council, together with the request for a habitation licence. Once this is issued the owner of the house must receive the Book of Works to keep, and which should, in the case of a resale be passed on the any new owner thereafter, at the time of the Escritura (completion).